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Kids Gardening

It's a Soil Revolution...and it's going to get muddy...

We are on a mission...

A mission to redefine Soil as one of our most valuable natural resources. To awaken global consciousness concerning the importance of restoring and preserving soil health. Our goal is to help people across the globe make the connection between clean air, clean food,  clean water, and clean soil. 

As pressures mount to meet the growing demands of global food production, there has been a resurgence of emphasis on the importance of soil health in relation to crop yield. Before the advent of synthetic fertilizers and mechanized farming practices, farmers depended primarily on the health and vitality of the soil to provide nutrients for the crops. It has only been a little over 100 years that we have used synthetic fertilizers at all. Yet in that relatively short amount of time, we have made a huge impact on our Global Soil Reserves, reducing crop production and soil fertility worldwide. 

The time to stand our ground and demand practices that support healthy soil is upon us. This is a call to action for everyone who depends on clean air, clean food, and clean water for their survival. We all must do our part to protect these invaluable commodities for generations to come.               

Our children are counting on us. 

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