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O.M. Humus
Humic Soil Supplement

O.M. Humus is a revolutionary product that has been proven effective by leading horticultural professionals for over two decades. Stable organic matter, soluble humic and fulvic acids, a complete micronutrient and trace mineral profile, and a multitude of naturally occurring beneficial microbes make this product the ultimate addition to your program.


Available in a dry or liquid format to suit a variety of application protocols, O.M. SuperHumus and Plant Beverage will maximize your existing fertility program allowing reduced use of volatile compounds with better results.


O.M. Humus
Humic Soil Supplement

O.M. SuperHumus is the most consistent form of stable organic matter and beneficial biology available today. Sourced from a single site in the U.S., this amazing material is completely stable (26:1 Carbon to Nitrogen ratio) so there is never a concern that you will be robbing your valuable plants of necessary nutrients by applying immature "compost."

Image of dry O.M. Humus.

O.M. liquid Humus
Liquid Humic Soil Supplement

O.M. Liquid Humus has the highest concentration of stable organic matter in a liquid product. This "liquid compost concentrate" flows readily through irrigation or drip emitters without clogging or "blooming" in the lines. Experience the benefits that Organic Matter can provide for your soil today. 

Image of O.M. Liquid Humus.
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