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Neptune's harvest
fish Hydrolysate 

We are an exclusive supplier of Neptune's Harvest.

Neptune’s Harvest fish hydrolysate is an all-organic highly nutritional protein fertilizer, made utilizing naturally occurring enzymes present in fresh North Atlantic fish. This is produced by using a cold process employing enzymes (natural biological catalysts) that break down fish, or fish frames (the part left after the fillet is removed for human consumption) to simpler protein complexes. This process is called Hydrolysis. The only manipulation the product undergoes is grinding and hydrolysis. This process yields a stable, non-odorous, liquid fertilizer that is an easy-to-use, safe product. 


Why fish hydrolysate is better than chemical fertilizers:

  • Neptune’s Harvest hydrolyzed fish does no biological damage to the soil and will promote the growth of beneficial bacteria making the soil less compact and better able to drain, yet hold moisture better for future plant use as it is needed.

  • This product is cold processed, so the vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and growth hormones are not damaged or de- stroyed. Because no oils or proteins are removed, the nutrients remain in the soil longer, and lower N-P-K rates can be used to meet or exceed the results obtained by chemicals with much higher rates.

  • Some advantages to using hydrolyzed fish fertilizer are that it re-builds soil fertility, gives excellent plant growth with increased yields, and is made from a renewable aquatic resource.

  • This hydrolysate fertilizer is filtered through a 165 mesh screen as a first step, and then through a 150 micron screen before it is packaged. This ensures an ease of application with most irrigation sprayer systems that is second to none.

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