Soil Health Care is an employee owned manufacturing and distribution company focused on the development of products that foster soil health. Since 1999, the professionals at Soil Health Care have paved the way in the development of restorative land management products and protocols.  Our products have helped professionals and homeowners reduce their use of pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers for over ten years.  

The team members at Soil Health Care work tirelessly to preserve and restore the planet. No desk jockeys on board, we are hikers and bikers, singers and dancers, surfers and gardeners. Our office is the great outdoors and team meetings take place in the field or on the beach. Our carbon footprint is virtually non existent! Our processing, warehousing and fulfillment alliances afford us the luxury of working without having to maintain expensive infrastructure. We are working to protect the things we love in hopes that our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy nature as we do ourselves.  We are the model of the future... today. Making tremendous impact without leaving a trace. 
Soil Health Care also provides full service private label opportunities including: product procurement, formulating, packaging and warehouse fulfillment on both the east and west coast of the U.S. 

Soil Health Care - Rethinking Soil. Soil is one of the earths most valuable natural resources and is necessary for the sustenance of clean air, clean food and clean water. Become a part of the solution by Standing your Ground and taking care of your soil. 

It's a Soil Revolution.....and it's gonna get muddy

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